Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

It must be apparent even to the donkey in the White House, that global warming is now an emergency. Australia and California are burning, whilst many of the worlds great rivers and lakes are either overflowing or drying up. Something is most definitely changing. Our planet is in danger of environmental collapse, the evidence gets stronger by the day. Mind you, wiping out the human race may be not a bad idea, it depends on your point of view. For me, it’s a no-brainer, I believe in life as we know it. Despite the arrogance and stupidity of man, there remains an overwhelming mix of goodness, creativity and beauty of human kind that to me is beyond argument.

Now, it seems, the present is a great challenge for all that goodness, creativity and yes shear beauty of our world. To do nothing, or even ‘not enough’ would deny our humanity It’s only an idea of a half wit, but it seems that water is the great issue, using it, guarding it, caring for it and cherishing it and managing it.

I am aware that the absorption of carbon gasses is a key issue, ‘global warming’ relies on the reduction of these gasses. Cannot the two issues be made part of one another. The hydrogen cell, for example is a completely clean power source that produces only water. Of course, there are many associated difficulties in the creation of electricity and batteries. Nevertheless the human race has shown time and again that it can solve most physical and chemical dilemmas.

There are many options out there from harvesting wind and sea power, to the renewal of our farming techniques and reforestation. All have their part to play. However if the great players of the world economy are driven by short term goals then these aspirations will not be enough.

The world needs half witted populists like a hole in the head, but that is what seems be the prevailing trend. A clown in the White House, a lunatic in Brazil, a megalomaniac in Russia and a inward looking buffoons in Europe.

Whilst half the world dies of thirst the other half fights typhoons and floods, we wring our hands. Wake up! Migration, poverty, fire and flood are all to do with water too much of it, too little of it. Even to a halfwit like me it seems that the carbon gasses and water are inextricably linked and it is time we woke up to the fact and did something,

Planting a tree, selling your car or walking some more, turning down the heating and appreciating the wonder of water, all matter very much indeed. But what really makes a difference is voting for someone who has sense, who does not fear innovation, who thinks about the time after we’ve gone. Then, and only then, if people of this ilk come to power, will the world have a chance.


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