Remind me, am I depressed?

Since the lockdown it has been a difficult time for everyone. It seems we have little else to talk about or write about for that matter. I sometimes think, that we are in a national wallowing in self pity. Everything seems about self awareness and group sensitivity. Wokeness and focus of individual issues has ballooned during our recent hideaway culture.

Is it not time we woke up, not Woke up, I mean be aware of the good things in life, the good we receive and the good we can do. Yes, of course many have suffered and many have mourned the premature passing of a loved one, there can be little consolation for them. But the rest of us! Let’s get to it.

Many of us are confused, about Covid and its consequences. Some, a minority, are locked in conspiratorial cabals of delusional nonsense, lets hope they do not infect the rest of us with their nonsense and their real threat of carrying and nurturing of the Covid virus in all its forms.

Now is the time for the majority to give thanks for their deliverance by vaccine and to think positively about rebuilding our lives , even if that does mean permanent change. The lockdown has been for many an excuse to do nothing, a time to switch off. You could call this depression, if you will. I prefer to think of it as laziness of spirit.

This idleness has truly infringed our life styles, it has paralysed our sense of initiative and closed us behind the cold doors of fear. All this has been stoked up by such luminaries as the Duke of Sussex and his mate who have rambled on about how hard the world is and how beastly everyone has been to them. Is it not time we all woke up and see the sun shine, watch the leaves change, watch the birds fledge, see the cricketers, and hear the choirs. For Goodness sake – wake up and lets get on with our wonderful lives.

In the UK we have a Government lead by a buffoon, who makes things up as he goes along. Probably as good a way as any, no one really knows. Devolution illustrates once and for all our tribal desires to be at odds with paper tigers and the fripperies of liberal politics.

In the long term we believe what we are conditioned to believe, the more we read of national depression, the ruination of education, the more we tend to absorb the bad news. Good new seldom make good headlines. The Vaccines works, there are matters as yet unresolved, but so there are about the mutations of influenza and pneumonia, yet we don’t harp on about then every day. Like ‘Flu we have to live with Covid. Let’s us face it, get on with it. It is after all a problem the human race has positively faced and is on the way to solving.

Tomorrow is another day full of opportunity or woe depending on your view. We are doomed if woe shuts out the light of opportunity.