No, it won’t be alright! Ireland will return to troubled waters.

When Boris once again, sold the DUP down the river, he assured Arlene Foster that it would all come good. Nothing to worry about, after Brexit it will all settle down.

Well it’s all going predictably pear shaped, the Northern Ireland situation is teetering towards mayhem once more. The Brexit so called compromise resulted in a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Boris as ever bumbled round the situation and claimed it would all settle down and return to normal (whatever normal means). Of course it has not. The whole of Northern Ireland properly feels affronted by being treated differently to the rest of the UK. The Unionists are about to be caught in a vice between Sinn Fein and their own disenchanted followers. Violence and insurrection are almost inevitable.

It is obvious to everyone that the Peace Process is and has always been imperfect. Now the the apparently sacrosanct promise that there will never be a hard border between the North and Ireland is proving an impossible hurdle. The original peace agreement chose to ignore the possibility of Brexit. There has never been a solution which satisfies the EU, the Unionists and the UK Government.

There are only limited options 1) the unification of Ireland, and 2) An agreement between the EU and UK that all destination documents and taxes are carried out in UK ports, according to the overall Brexit agreement.

Either solution needs early and urgent attention, if Boris and his crowd of chums don’t hurry up it will be back to mayhem. Boris will bumble on.


The Downing Street Flat – Who cares? – Ask Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe!

The common herd, which excludes the Bullingdon Boys and their like, apparently don’t give a toss about Boris’ complete disregard for rules whether he tells lies or bends the system. After all he’s full of charm, wit, and comic bluster. Those qualities are apparently just what we need in a Prime Minister.

Not a week ago, David Cameron was in the spotlight for his dishonesty in using his position as an ex-PM to influence his former buddies. (Not breaking the rules mind you!) The stories go on and on, whether its track and trace or Healthcare supplies. As far as Boris is concerned, no one cares as long as his Government achieves their goals which includes lining the pockets of their chums.

We can all understand Boris’s thinking, I can do what I like as First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister, or even as Foreign Minister when his unprepared gaff, committed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to more years of savage imprisonment. The Tory party didn’t give a damn they voted him in to lead and everyone then were so pleased he got a thumping majority.

What does it tell us about ourselves as a democracy? Well, firstly poor old Mrs. May was hopeless, secondly we wanted out of the EU, and thirdly Bonhomie counts more than substance.

Well, we had better wake up or Boris and Cameron and their like will soon be running an autocracy where honesty doesn’t matter a jot. I am a life long Tory who believes in conserving what is good and improving where we need to, but enough is enough. Get rid of Boris or lose my vote.

Rules, are for crooks, whilst honesty and integrity should be the rule.

Sleaze seems to be the order of the day for those in Government, be it contracts for chums or decorating your flat at someone else’s expense. Cameron and Johnson are cut from the same cloth. A cut they believe is above the common man.

Does it matter that the PPE and track and trace were corrupted by contracts for chums, the tendency is to forget it because at the time of emergency speed was of the essence and desperation was the order of the day.

Was it Ok for Cameron to use his influence even if he was turned down. By the way he didn’t brake any rules, so that’s OK then.

No, No, No none of this is OK. If these men in power do not treat the system as if they were one of “us” then it will not do. Privilege has to be a matter of integrity, not a matter of what the half baked rules say. I know it, they know it. They also know they will get away with it because their privileged status is beyond the law.

The British common law that is the staff and stuff of the United Kingdom.

Rules are cast to protect the weak, and they are there to denominate the lines over which the least of us should not transgress. Shame then on Cameron who claims to have broken no rules when in fact he has behaved disgustingly trying to pickpocket those in need.

This plain enough. Enough is enough.

Me Boy – You Girl, it was ever thus!

Trying it on, we used to say. This could mean anything from summoning the courage to speak to someone of the opposite sex, to stealing our first kiss. For the adolescents of this life, these are precious and unnerving episodes.

The one thing that is common about the pairing of boys and girls is sexual attraction. In our early years, the emergence of our awareness of our hormonal development is common to us all, but varies in intensity both conditioned by nature and nurture.

We now learn that there are many many, too many, sexual assaults in our schools system, public or private. This saddens us for a number of reasons, that include fear, sexism, and the loss of the romantic ideal. It might be worth examining whether this surge in assaults is a real contemporary difference, or is it a modern and differing view from our evolutionary norm? Who of an older generation, can forget the cartoons of our cave man ancestors, club in hand dragging a female of the species to her fate? Since those times attitudes have changed , and rightly so. Nevertheless these perceptions of male and female were and are real, exemplified by the male heirs to thrones, to the idea of female homemakers.

Going back to the ordinary boy girl connection, then the cartoon ‘club’ still exists albeit metaphorically, namely that males make the first move. Make the first approach, whether its to speak first, to have the courage to ask for a first date, to kiss, to feel the different anatomy of the opposite sex. It is inevitably the agreement, sometimes hesitant, between the parties that defines the permissive bond.

Some would argue that the permissive society, where pornography and violence are perceived as ordinary day to day happenings, has emboldened the male of the species to be less tentative and more self-centered about his sexual gratification, and in so doing is devaluing the bond of the sexes.

There is truth in that the more permissive the society the more the selfish will flourish. If we are males we should still admire the beauty of the opposite sex, it is in our nature. Let us hope that in our nurture, we are brought up to know that affection, love and the physical aspects of our difference, are treasured and respected.