Brexit – we arrived exactly as this blog predicted.

The chaos that passes for our parliamentary democracy is the direct result of the dreadful political error in allowing a binary choice in a grossly over simplified referendum.  This has been compounding by the dogged but narrow minded Prime Minister May mismanaging the consequent negotiations to leave the European Union.

I wrote about what to expect back in May 2016 see my blog “Cameron – democracy what a chancer”  I then prophesied what was to happen and by and large I was almost precisely correct.

What I could not prophesy was that Mrs. May would call a disastrous election and then personally manage the negotiations with the EU from the view point of the vicar’s daughter she is.  That is to say, she set off by seeking to agree to what the EU wanted because she was sorry we were to leave.  Perhaps, it would have been better to have set out by adopting the stance that the UK was leaving and this is what the UK expected to happen.  I am not suggesting that the difference in the two approaches are apocalyptic but the nuance and difference has proved to be crucial.  She has allowed the EU to turn the screw and now we find ourselves with a deal that nobody except the PM finds palatable.

I have a feeling that many people will want to see the ‘May’ proposal rejected by Parliament and negotiations reopened after an extension to the article 50 period.

The EU will say no, of course, as they will try to press their advantage, but they may be chastened by the closeness of opinion and the growth in the likelyhood of the ‘no deal’ option.

If the PM prevails then we can only hope that in the fulness of time things will move on to new ideas and new partnerships. This is a big ‘what if’ issue the preliminary agreement is seeded very much in the EU’s favour. The current negotiations are preliminary but the EU has seeded them with one sided options which are the main object of disdain and revolt that has emboldened the Euro-sceptics. If these one-sided issues could be made less one sided and more equal then there would be far fewer opposition to the May proposals.  This may force the UK governments of the future to be in permanent state of angst against the EU.  Not an attractive proposition.

If it is not too late, Mrs. May has to be more assertive and go back to the table and negotiate away these one-sided  EU impositions, then she may became the saviour of the piece.

In the meantime the EU has plenty of problems of its own. Brexit will hurt both the departing and the depleted. Many feel the Euro and all that that implies will tumble and that the Brexit question will become in theory and practice much less crucial in the great scheme of things.


Voting for me, myself and I! The US Midterms.

The fact is that the human race is basically selfish.  Some would argue that the more ignorant you are then the more selfish you are likely to be.  I guess this goes back to the basic instinct of self preservation. In the United States right now it seems that POTUS is deliberately exploiting the idea that if you shout the ideas of threat and fear then the ignorant will respond with an automatic reflex of self preservation.

He calculates that the human deprivation of the caravan of distress from the South will not enter the consciousness of the republican voters, who will rally in their millions to maintain a republican majority in both houses. Self, self, self!  What happened to the idea of the liberal welcome associated with the Statue of Liberty that enshrines the very soul of the American idea?

It is interesting that the populist Trump will lie to reinforce the selfish idea, he encourages the most primeval motives of self preservation even when they are based on an entirely false premise.

This begs the question, ‘why do millions of Americans believe him?’ ‘Do they believe him?

The answer is because they want to.  They want to believe in Trump, because whatever else he is. he is charismatic, he does promise short term rewards, he is delivering economic improvement in the short term, he is putting more dollars in the collective pocket.

At the same time he is wantonly endangering the climate, he is starting a trade war which endangers the developing economies, he tolerates mass murder by encouraging the gun lobby, and he enjoys, yes enjoys making up lies.

The point is nobody cares how he behaves if there’s an extra dollar in the American collective pocket.  Wow! that is an awful condemnation of the American psyche.

If the Democratic party in the US fails then they will fail to stir the collective conscience of the American people.  They will fail because they are leaderless and seem to have no idea of a charismatic candidate to shout the truth against the populist liar Trump.

Tuesday is a huge day for the US and the world at large.  I hope, I hope – America please don’t let the rest of us down.