The size of the UK cake?

As the election looms, all the political parties persist in talking to the electorate as if they were well informed.  The repeat the party jingoistic mantra come what May!  No its not a text mistake.  The lady PM is the worst offender.

Politics, when it comes down to it, is pretty simple.  How big is the national cake in cash terms and how are we going to divide it up.  What is more simple than that?

Well unfortunately, that is not the complete picture, but it is a good starting place.  So where do we stand on the eve of the “Brexit” election?

Question 1.  How big is the cake? Will Brexit make the cake bigger or smaller?   a) short term?   b) longterm?

Question 2   What are the key issues in cutting up the cake? NHS, Social Care, Welfare,  Education, Defence, Environmment, Cutting taxes etc, etc,  Which of these, in order of ascendency?

Question 3  How do we make the cake bigger?

Question 4  How do we make sure we don’t use up the cake and have to borrow?

If any politician made it his or her business to address these questions then the electorate would be a lot clearer and better informed.  It is if little use in talking of a stronger economy, or sfeguarding the NHS, because most voters have no idea what these concepts mean, except of course from a purely selfish stand point. For many it’s their share of the cake that counts. My cake, my choices and my surplus or my debt!

This is precisely where Margaret Thatcher succeeded in her appeal to the ordinary voter, it was the simple message (some argued too simple, but it won elections) of balancing the household accounts which almost every body understood.

Of course the detail is devil made, however the cake remains the reality.  When the UK voted to leave the EU the implication for the majority was that it would increase the size of the UK cake.  Nobody since then, has bothered to confirm or deny this, or perhaps even know if this is true or false.

The biggest domestic issue is the NHS/social care in its autonomous regions, England, Wales, N.Ireland  and Scotland.  The demand exponentially grows in all the regions, the cake will never be big enough!  Maybe money is not the answer.

Where money is not (most likely probably not) the answer then surely the solutions should be the subject of cross party analysis , scrutiny and development.  No point in shouting,  ‘protect the unaffordable’, but that’s what they all do.  These sacred cows that are bigger than the cake, we persist in living in cloud coockoo landin regard to them!  It will take political courage to take these intransigent problems into the cross party hinterland. Because, by so doing, it will take away one of the biggest emotional chants embraced by all the political parties.  Thus, perceived by all, as a huge political risk.

Let’s start, and for this election at least, stick to defining the size of the cake, its definition, and  how we eat it!




The Accidental Spy – Press Release

The Accidental Spy: Cynical, Scary (even Silly!) New Thriller Unravels Inner Workings of ‘The Company’. AKA – the CIA.

Written from the boundless imagination of prolific writer, Anthony James, ‘The Accidental Spy’ embroils readers in the life of a wandering post-graduate, as he gets caught up on a Government paycheque and finds himself trapped deep in the web of international secrets. Exploring everything from Government-sponsored murders to how the everyman should be treated with fierce suspicion, James’ creation is unlike anything else on the market.


Anthony M James


Telephone: 01633422361 mob 07762546305


United Kingdom – Very, very little is known about the CIA. And that’s the whole point.

However, in a compelling new novel from British writer, Anthony James, the CIA (or, as it’s known in the book, ‘The Company’) is picked to pieces and explored like never before. Fact straddles fiction as ‘The Accidental Spy’ cons everyone except its readers.


Secretive, cynical, scary, even silly. A fresh look at the secret society of the CIA aka ‘The Company’.

Loyalists, lunatics and losers interact in a series of mismanaged and doubtful pursuits in the apparent defence of ‘Uncle Sam’. The loner, Accidental Spy wanders into this lurid and administrative nightmare and walks away with invaluable secrets.

Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening and sometimes shambolic our accidental spy staggers through a variety of trials, some of his own making.

Who’s conning who, what’s the secret? Does any of it really matter? With ‘The Accidental Spy,’ you decide.

“I want to show how ordinary citizens make up the international spy community,” explains James, who has written a string of other hugely-popular thrillers. “From the lazy guy next door to the murderer and the fanatically-intelligent – anyone and everyone is potentially a mule on the part of the Government.”

Continuing, “We also explore to what extent state-sponsored agencies have both the capacity and wiliness to commit murder – and how this fictional twist to the story could indeed cross over to the real world. Corruption is everywhere and can’t be avoided; this book aims to try and make some sense of it all.”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘The Accidental Spy’ is available now:

For more information and resources, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author:

Anthony James has had a fabulous career, having travelled the world as few have been privileged to do.  He was born in Wales where he has latterly returned to enjoy the land of his fathers, the hiraeth of the damp valleys and the choruses of Rugby days.

He describes himself as a distinguished drunk which is probably a bit unfair, some would say an enthusiastic ‘bon viveur’ would be more accurate.  He is married to the lovely Dawn who incidentally is one of the world’s best text editors.  The years stubbornly move on but at a spritely 76 Anthony still plays a smooth round of golf and if called upon deliver an engaging after dinner speech.

Apart from writing which he does in several media, blogs, travel and novels etc., he dabbles in acrylic painting and is still a keen wine buff and cook.

He belongs to the Christian tradition but is not a believer in the orthodox sense, he is a wavering middle ground liberal conservative with socialist overtones.  Namely crackers!

Anthony’s core ability is to enjoy himself.

100 days – from Pensylvania Avenue

It’s been great, and I’m still the most p[opular President and Commander in Chief – ever! I’ve sent more tweets than any President ever, which is great, isn’t it?

A lot of people and I mean a lot, have asked me if I will try to extend my Presidency for my lifetime and I think this is a good idea because then I will be able to do like that guy in Turkey. Erdogan or whatever, he doesn’t have busy body congress people looking over his shoulder any more – what a good deal that is.

I wouldn’t mind if I had just Jared Kushner and maybe Steve Bannon, but a lot of people don’t like Steve so maybe that’s not my greatest idea.  Jared, everybody loves him, he’s a smart kid and he’s a great help running America.

I see Barak Obama, that shmuck has been talking again, in fancy fuddy duddy english which makes him sound swell but he didn’t have the balls to drop the big bomb – Boom! that took it to ISIS. I’m no liberal namby pamby like Obama, bad sick guy, who’s not an American anyway.

I’m fed up with the bullshit I get from the media these guys just shovel out alternative facts that have nothing whatever to do with my actions – sad evil people.  They know who and what I am, – the greatest President this country has ever known, that’s who – every body knows especially the millions who turned out to support the most popular President the country has ever had – great, great.

I’m getting to know a lot of these foreign leaders and I must say the ones I like most are the guys who know how to run their countries with no bullshit congresses and the like.  The guy from Turkey sure – cool dude, then there’s Sisi from Egypt he’s a great giy.  On the other hand there’s that broad from Germany- she sure isn’t a looker and she goes on and on about values and crap like that no wonder Europe is in such a mess.  Anyway I discovered that Europe is bigger than England and The Queen does not reign over the whole continent, so maybe good old UK may go to the back of the queue again – but that depends if I play golf with the Queen after a ride in her golden coach, that would be great.

I had a great chocolate cake with the Chinese guy, can’t spell these Chinese names so I won’t bother, anyway it was the best cake ever and I told him I was going to flatten North Korea.  ‘Wow! buddy’ he said, ‘how about I give your wive a billion dollars worth of business in China’.  Well what do you think? Keep the wife happy is what I say.

On the project of painting the White house pink we’ve had some opposition so maybe my wife and daughter will come up with a different colour since white is so boring just like Washington.  Played golf only once last week, this job is no joke, maybe we’ll stay in Florida so I can play golf most days before or after work.

People are saying my cabinet is full of billionaires, sure they are, what do you want? – a bunch of failures?  We’re not filling a lot of Government jobs, they aren’t needed, cut back the civil service, who cares about Affordable Care, Universal Health Care, Clean Air, Abortions overseas, ect., ect.,, just got to focus on building that wall and digging more coal. That’ll make America great again.

Thanks for your millions of tweets and notes of love, it’s great being your President – maybe the greatest ever!





Letter from Pensylvania Avenue

Boom! Boom! Let’s be honest I’m the most decisive President and Commander in Chief ever!

That Obama guy had no balls.  He thought too much, he sounded good but frankly he was a bit of a shmuck.

My man is in Russia and he’s telling Putin to quit horsing around with that guy Assad or whatever his name is.  Iraq or is it Syria is an awful mess and I think nothing a couple of bombs wont put right.  They say we screwed up in Iraq, well maybe they have a point, but that was Bush and then Obama, these guys didn’t have a clue, you know what I mean. I will be decisive and if it takes a bomb or two then so be it, these guys have to know they can’t mess around with me.

The last big bomb we dropped, in Afghanistahn, not sue how you spell that or to be truthful even where it is. Anyway this was a warning to Kim Jong  Un (cant spell that either) that I will bomb him likewise if he doesn’t do as he should, no more nukes you hear me?

My wife got a tiny windfall from a UK false news outfit.  These guys are all the same the Mail, the BBC and whatever.  I tell you all these guys make up stories as they go along this Ivanka deal proves it, right!

I played golf only once this week, this job is getting me down.  What do they expect for goodness sake?  We’re gonna dig some coal and burn it, but it will be clean and all those miners can go back to work, I’m putting America first, screw all this environmental crap. I’m not sure how to make coal clean, hey if you burn it its clean right!

Rex will be back from Russia tomorrow I expect he’ll stick around to do some deals with his oil pals, deals are what makes the world go round and Rex, he’s nearly as smart as me and that’s pretty smart.

Got to change ma’ shoes I can get 18 holes in before dinner. Some folks comin’ round don’t rightly know who, but hey, I’ll be in tip top form whoever they are.  Remember I’m the most populer and decisive president there’s ever been.

Another letter from the House in Pensylvania Avenue (Quay largo)

It’s been great hasn’t it? I’ve really gotten into this job, I love it.  Some of the folk who work for me are not doing so well which is  a bit of a disappointment, but hey there you go, I’ve fired one or two – you aint seen nothin’ yet.

I sure stuck it to them Ruskies and their pal Assad,  shot the hell out of them, great, really great, being the commander in chief I can do this sort of thing. I’m thinking seriously of nuking that luny guy in North Korea, I’m not sure where it is but this fat guy looks a nutcase to me.  Watch this space!

I understand that the folks who voted in their millions think I’m the best President the US has ever had. I’m not so sure but maybe they’re right.  It’s a democracy folks, that’s why I’ve got all these rich dudes working with me – these guys know how to do a deal – you know what I mean.

The White House is a drag, lots of newspaper people hang out and make up false news, I’ve a good mind not to go back, Florida is nicer, and they just love me here.  I come down every weekend , close the roads, the airports everything just because I’m the Commander in Chief.  Yeah, they love me down here and I can play golf when I want.  I’m practicing for when I go to England so the Queen can see my best shots.  Won’t that be a blast!

Talking of blasts, I think we’ll make up our mind on Wednesday if we’re going to nuke that fat idiot in whererever, Pong Pen what ever, anyway, it’s a long way from here but I’ve sent the navy, the whole nine yards – let me tell you I’m the best Commander in Chief ever!