United Kingdom

Bio: 78 yrs young happily living in the land of my fathers. Married to the lovely Dawn and father of my splendid daughter Vicky. Poet and writer who scribbles away every day. Write novels, blogs and poetry and don't much mind if the works reach a wide audience or not. Well travelled but now putting down roots at last. Not much of the world left to see! Thankful for a great life so far and revving up for a strong finish! My political conscience seems to returning to the ideals of my youth, and despite not having far to travel I really do care about how the human race seems bent on self-destruction. As ever the balance between self and 'us all' is what drives my intellect. I have written a number of books none of them successful, one should have been but that's a challenge I let go. So on to the next challenge and even a new book - who cares? I do.

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