Ashamed to be British, does anyone care?

With a leader who lies and a parliament who don’t care that he does, what does that say of the Brits? Well for sure it’s not complimentary. Our so called democracy is piled high with lies and corruption and nobody gives a damn. The opposition to the terrible Tories is lamentable with at least more honest leadership but boring to a point of collective sleep.

Is this what it has come to? Basically no one cares. Can it be collective ignorance rules and no one really understands? Or is it that people don’t care? Surely the latter. Despite widespread poverty, and the wealthy getting wealthier, the crooks running the London banking and property sectors, no body seems to care.

The break up of the UK, it seems, is what preoccupies the vocal minority of activists. The Scots, the Welsh and the Irish see the opportunity created by this lousy Uk governance to leave the uselessness of Westminster behind, and who can blame them.

Boris Johnson rode to power on the back of Brexit, not the Brexit of independent trade and innovative business, but on the back of cringing xenophobia and the fear of competitive talent from overseas. Now, the man who has lied and made it up as he’s gone along continues to pretend that he has the interests of the country at his heart when it must be obvious to anyone that his only interest is himself.

Sue Gray was exceedingly silly to accept the brief to explore the obvious, and Cressida Dick has now scotched any idea of blame (yet another howler!). Johnson is now a lame duck, leading a lame party of witless cowardly misanthropes. All care more for their jobs than about the country they are supposed to govern. Shame on them, I hope that the next election will expose the Tory party for what it is, and if Johnson is still in power then the Union will be lost for ever.

The question is; Will I bother to vote? My choices will be Nationalist or Socialist. As a life long Conservative I will have to make that painful choice.


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