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75 yrs young happily living in the land of my fathers. Married to the lovely Dawn and father of my lovely Vicky. Poet and writer who scribbles away every day. Write novels, blogs and poetry and don't much mind if the works reach a wide audience or not. Well traveled but now putting down roots at last. Not much of the world left to see! Thankful for a great life so far and revving up for a strong finish!

Brexit, it’s not about fish – entirely.

AS Britain staggers toward the exit from the European Union I am constantly amazed that people in general, have lost the plot. Getting out of the European Union was never  about fishing, or silly regulation it has always been about … Continue reading

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Diversity the secret of success

I have been lucky enough to spend a good part of the British winter in warmer climes.  I walked almost unconsciously into a foreign culture quite unprepared to ‘integrate’ or make any other concession.  I was immediately struck by the welcome … Continue reading

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What do Trump and Putin have in common?

It’s now over a year since President Trump took office, and what a year it has been.  I argued then that perhaps his lack of orthodoxy might prove innovative in many ways and this, in turn, may prove of net … Continue reading

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Birdsong and banality

I have been off-watch for too long.  I have laid down my pen and sat back watching the predictable and the inevitable, hiding away as if it were nothing to do with me.  I’ve been ‘chilling’ with other fat cats avoiding … Continue reading

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From Nobel Prize to Genocide. Please help!

Aung San Suu Kyi has stood by, whilst her military sidekicks murder, pillage and rape the Rohingya people in one of the great outrages of the twenty-first century and there seems little doubt that these actions constitute genocide. The deliberate … Continue reading

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Counterpoint- looking in the mirror.

How racist am I?                  How welcoming am I to strangers? Am I quick to anger?          Do I listen and hear what my adversary has to say? Am I … Continue reading

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And still, I am blind.

Sitting in the sun, we watch the shadows where the world scurries in the gutters of manmade cruelties.  Look away and see the comfort of your insignificant self, close your ears to the din of bombing and the screams of dying … Continue reading

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