He says, she says – who cares?

We are now in the midst of elections, and no one I have talked to have a clear grasp of who they are going to vote for. Tribal party lines have been washed away on the tide of Brexit. The main ‘idee fix’ of the Conservative party led by the ‘Mop Head’ is Brexit, so much is clear. The reason to vote for Labour is less clear, though there is a strong under-current of radical social change led, sadly, by the intellectually challenged Marxist.

The conservative party is working hard and monotonously on Brexit whilst Labour who have no idea what to do about Brexit, have touted an amazing number of quite revolutionary ideas like the four day week, and re-nationalisation of key national assets like rail and power.

The danger for Labour I think is that their message is too wild and woolly. Some very good ideas are being lost in the confusion of so many policies which are to say the least hard to rationalise. For example the ‘four day week’. ‘We work to live’ says the Shadow Chancellor, but a four day week will need at 20% more people to man the NHS which is already shambolic on weekends. The Shadow health Minister had not thought it through, so he kept shtum.

I have not so far mentioned the Lib Dems who are led by a pleasant young lady whose name escapes most of the electorate. She bangs on about revoking article 50 which is at least clear. The rest of her policies are a shallow attempt to attract the less radical centre. The Lib Dems would do well to work harder on environmental policies and merge with the Greens. Half the world is already either under water or burning, if they cannot capitalise on that then, it will be a sorry campaign.

A very low percentage of the electorate trust the ‘Mop Head’ as a person. It is widely acknowledged that he has little or no grasp of detail and is a serial liar, not to mention his behaviour with the ladies. So what is it that keeps him in the fight, why is he leading the polls? He’s not even a good speaker when he is in ad lib situations. He blusters, and when in trouble (which is often) he bursts into Ancient Greek or Latin. Yet as of today he leads the polls by a street. Why?

1 His idea to complete an exit from Europe, is simple. Everyone knows what a chaotic issue this has been.
2 He is an amusing guy, he makes most people smile. Especially when he talks unmitigated rubbish. ‘It’s OK, that’s just Boris.’ Ha ha!
3 He appears despite all the cockups to be bright.

The opposition must be weak, why else would a ‘Mop Head@ be so far in the polls?

1 JC is not the sharpest tack in the box, and he’s boring.
2 His message is confused, and even though there are some great ideas they are obfuscated.
3 As an orator he is dreadful.

For the Lib Dems and the Greens, well, they seem to be lost because the main ideas are negative.

1 Stop Brexit – let’s revoke article 50.
2 The leaders are anonymous, they have no charisma or charm
3 They have few known policies except those which ask the electorate to sacrifice things.

In Scotland things are quite different. There is leadership, clear ideas and a cultural element.

1 Like her or loath her the leader of the SNP is just that – a leader.
2 Her ideas are strong and clear, remain in the EU, Independence for Scotland.
3 She may frighten the unionists – largely conservatives.

Then of course there is the Brexit party. Our Nigel universally known for one idea and the value of a pint of beer.

1 The simplest idea of the lot except it is too simple, he has no other discernible ideas.
2 He is a good orator and appeals to the lost legions of yesteryear.
3 He could end up screwing the conservatives by splitting their vote.

As I asked in my last blog, which idea will prevail? I think it will be a simple one, proffered and led by the most personable leader, ‘Mop head’ or not!


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