Let’s be sure what we want.

Despite my last blog asking our politicians to define the benefits and deficits from our Brexit decision, I find the more fundamental issue of democracy equally if not more important.

There is no question that the mechanisms by which the EU functions are undemocratic in every sense of the word. The EU commission elected by the heads of state, once in position are responsible to no one but themselves. There is of course a democratic sheen given to the whole process in the shape of the European Council and the European Parliament. The parliament is of course elected, but they approve, not propose, 85% of all the laws passed down from the Commission which is independent of the Governments of the independent member states. The Commission has the monopoly on initial legislation. Instructions are not given or taken by the Commission. Hence what we see is a bureaucratic directing body has the power to over rule member states. This even includes both fiscal and monetary control, hence the disaster that has befallen the southern PIGS. These countries have been driven to massive unemployment, huge and unsustainable austerity, and massive debt. The miracle or disaster, you decide, which took the form of the Euro.

If that is what the Brits want fair enough, but that will be a fundamental change for their democratic tradition based on common law and the rights of the individual.

The British courts preside over British law but if the UK supreme court becomes a subservient institution to the European Supreme court they will see European law suiting and supporting ideas and laws passed and processed through the unelected group called the European Commission (responsible to no one). An undemocratic non elected body.

The great European idea is to rule and direct, not listen and respond. Hence Herr Juncker described the British leavers as ‘deserters’, he clearly see the EU as a club you can join but not leave. How democratic is that?

Be careful what you wish for.


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