Brexit Smoke and Mirrors – who’s right?

As we await a Brexit party triumph in the European elections, we still hear completely opposing stories from each side of the Brexit debate. Isn’t it time we had some simple answers to simple questions?

Here are a few;

  1. We’ll be better off because we’ll be free to trade widely, even with the EU on our own terms, after a WTO rules start. True or false, and by how much will we be better off and what are the time horizons? These are difficult but not impossible to have a good stab at from the Brexiteer side.
  2. Apparently life will be a disaster if we leave with no deal. True or False? Why? So far alarm and doom seems not to have happened. Sure, there are problems, from the high street to China, but not all to do with Brexit.
  3. What are the implications for agriculture and fisheries, in and out?
  4. What will happen to the UK net contribution to Europe if we come out? Especially in relation to community support, in the poorer regions.

The average voter has absolutely no idea about any of this. There are other pivotal issues such as immigration but surely that boils down to border control which everyone supports as long as it is liberal and positive.

I am fed up with assertions that Brexit will be brilliant or a disaster depending on who the mouthpiece is. Please will someone somewhere answer the questions. We really don’t care who leads the conservatives, we just want to led by someone who tells the truth or at least his/her honest view of the future backed up in a framework like the above. Please forward this to your MP.


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