God bless America.

I write as my american friends go to the poles. As I said in my last blog we Europeans have very little idea of what motivates our American cousins. It’s easy to see the bad things, despite the fact that I know many Americans who are truly friends of mine, and they all seem sane and good.

The one thing they have in common is a mighty belief in the American way of life and the individual freedom that it enshrines. I have never met an American who was not kind and generous. On my numerous visits in my youth I was always greeted with good nature and respect. Americans were always too polite to point out my idiosyncrasies, too generous to stint their splendid hospitality.

I never received an unwanted comment about my own country and as far as I am aware I never fell out discussing the UK’s failure to support the Vietnam war, or the UK’s massive cock up in the invasion of Suez.

Should I therefore keep my pen still and avoid any comment on the current election? I find it hard not to criticise the present incumbent of the White House, because he’s so ungentlemanly, which is pretty stupid and very British.

I hope they will forgive me if I just hope that good behaviour will win, even if it is old fashioned.


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