Marcus Rashford, on our team.

What a fab guy. I am mightily impressed as I know are many others. He is an example to us all and I am only mildly ashamed that the Government lobbed him an MBE. Beefy Botham a perfectly all round good egg got a peerage – good for him, but hey! relative values and relevance????

What Marcus has shown us is generosity of spirit that has inspired many other people in England to help feed poorer kids during the holidays. Maybe this is what Boris wanted all along, heaven knows the voluntary sector keeps this country going.

I am sorry but I see the flip MBE as a Boris ‘off the cuff’ throw away gesture, when really Boris should take Marcus seriously and engage him and people like him to a real conversation about social need.

I am not saying for one moment that Marcus does not deserve recognition on the contrary an audience for serial discussion would have been more value to Marcus as well as society at large. Who would not support a more note worthy award for a truly fine contributor to our voluntary sector and our national conscience.

Whilst the Tories broke through the red wall they seem to being their best to rebuild it. Rashford has pointed the way to a compassionate society that Johnson professed to support, but who has since done the opposite. No question here that Boris is managing the un-manageable, but nonetheless his thick-skinned response to young Rashford has sorely misread the national response, (the Scots and Welsh are watching too).

Marcus Rashford cares about kids, we all do, even as Boris, on his meagre salary surely must too. Cummon’ Boris, sharpen up, and take the example of our man Rashford, he is showing you the way.


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