Stymied! No government, opposition or plan

Stymied! No government, no opposition, no plan.

It’s hard to believe that Cameron’s government have blundered into the referendum without planning for either possible eventuality. Beyond belief!

Now Cameron has walked away because he lost what he thought was a certain win and left the country in the lurch with no leadership at all. Very disappointing and indeed immature. How could he be so naïve? Whatever good he did as Prime Minister will now be forever lost as he will be remembered as the chancer who lost.

Brexit is now a fact and as I prophesied in my earlier blog, Nicola Sturgeon is on the rampage, the conservatives set for a contest between two untried ladies neither of whom has much experience outside their existing portfolios. Fortunately, for the Conservatives, the opposition is unelectable with Jeremy Corbyn and the left wing loonies unshakable in their delusion. The Liberal democrats hardly worthy of mention.

What the Europeans must think does not bear contemplation. We even have a foreign Secretary who felt that planning for an exit was not worth entertaining. Pathetic!

Cameron has a lot to answer for, not Brexit but his absolutely cowardly withdrawal as if all this was nothing to do with him. Who sponsored the referendum for heaven’s sake? His walking away and leaving a vacuum at this most crucial time is a shocking misjudgement which has really let the UK down.

Whoever wins the keys to Number 10 will inherit an unnecessarily weakened economy and the prospect of a General Election which will give rise to even more uncertainty.

Yes, we anticipated some short term problems on foreign exchange and unsettling arguments about future relationships, but we did not expect our leaders to fall apart and leave the country rudderless. Shame on them. The centre of British politics is now inevitably lurching right which aids and abets the extremes of racial conflict. Shame on us all.

Where is the collective good will and generosity of spirit that should frame the way forward with an optimistic drive for innovation and leadership? Where indeed? Thrown out with the bath water, let’s hope the new leader whoever it turns out to be , has the courage to pick up the ball and run it back to where Britain belongs – in the lead.


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