Phew! that was a close one!

I understand Mr.Trump decide to go to war with Iran and then decided against it. Apparently someone tweeted that the move would be unpopular and could blow up the world.

“Never mind said POTUS, that’ll teach them not to mess with me. Someone else has resigned? Who? That’s OK I know a guy who can do great deals. Maybe I’ll give him the contract for a new wall round the White House”

Was our communications chief Sarah Huckerbee Sanders sacked? “I think she did a fantastic job” says Trump, “she saw through all that fake news and made up a lot of her own. That’s what I call a smart lady, she has a nice ass too. Whoops! shouldn’t have said that. She’ll make a great Governor maybe President one day!”

Meanwhile White House counsel Kellyanne Conway has attracted the ire of Special Counsel for bashing political adversaries of Trump thus violating her role as a member of the impartial Head of States team and the Hatch Act. “Nonsense, she just said democrats are stupid and crooked, nothing wrong with that.”

“What’s the Hatch Act?” said POTUS, ” I can do what I like, and I like Kellyanne, don’t take that the wrong way now. Any way what’s more important, is where the Ferris Wheel goes. On Friday we’re going to have a great time with steaks and picnics and lots of politicians, all taking my hospitality, maybe I can pick up some tips on what to do if Iran stops any more oils ships – you never know, at least I don’t”


The world goes marching on – to disaster on many fronts.

The POTUS is leading the free world into conflict with the eastern powers of China, North Korea, and by proxy to Russia, he is creating tension and alliances that are clearly against the free world’s interests. It is clear that, through his wretched idea of diplomacy he has inadvertently cemented North Korea and China’s relationship. He has created real tension in the middle east by abandoning the Iranian nuclear deal. Trump appears to have lost (if he ever had it) any idea of long term strategy and tweets his way to almost certain downturn in the world economy, a rapid deterioration of our climate and environment. For good measure he has exacerbated the ire of South America and the mass migration of the have-nots of this world. As he launches his new presidential campaign his followers could not care lass about any of the above and will sleep walk into a myriad of disasters if Trump gets a second term. And that’s just the Trumpian aspect.

The UK is about to vote in a clown as prime minister and who knows what chaos that will lead to. How the British, who consider themselves to be the founders of modern liberal democracy, can elect such a proven self-centred clown only reinforces what appalling depths of political shambles the UK has sunk to. David Cameron has a lot to answer for.

Where are we all going? Mass migration, environmental decay, climate warming, trade wars, racial intolerance and authoritarian rule. The new Gulags of China, the steel wall of America and the religious turmoil of the Middle East especially the suffering in Yemen. All symptoms of man’s intolerance of his fellow man. What the world does not need now is people like Trump, Putin, Xi, Kim Jong-Un, Erdogan. There are several other eccentrics in charge of much of the wold. Another clown will not improve the mix.

Trump, not just a simpleton in power, but a menace to us all.

We are all used by now to the POTUS Trump tweeting insults and idiocies, but in the trade war with China, Trump is upping the economic risks for not just the US but the world. More particularly, by banning Google from cooperating with Huwaie, Trump has escalated the conflict from a simple trade dispute to one of technical superiority or technical sovereignty.

This move will make China use its position as the main creditor of the US, to manipulate the yen, and pull back on the purchase of American technical products, especially for things like semi conductor and aeronautics, and of course redouble its efforts to develop its own technologies.

Trump by imposing restraints on its allies and others, not to trade with companies such as Huwaie, is forcing many non aligned democracies to make a choice between the US or the Chinese trade and technology alliances. How far Trump will go in pushing anti Chinese technology is anyone’s guess. The imposition of sanctions on those who depend on trade with the US will force them at least in the short term to become unwilling trade partners of the US. Untold problems are bound to arise as the Chinese are vital cogs in so many supply chains.

Europe will have to become the arbiter of trade sense, led by the export economy of Germany, however the US holds the trump card on the defence front of Nato. This is where a push by Russia will be a contributor to pushing Europe further toward the US.

The consequences of an aggressive Chinese trade, technology and diplomatic push may well leave the European zone excluded from the tiger economies such as India, and Indonesia. Japan may well become a hostage to fortune.

Trump is not just a simple nationalist he’s a menace.