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We believe but do we listen?

Our beliefs are largely conditioned by our upbringing, it is as if we are born to follow our parents/family and indeed most of us do.  Political persuasion, for example, more often than not, runs in the family, once a Republican … Continue reading

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Listen to the crying child.

Listen, can you hear the children cry? From earthquake street or Yemen’s misery Do you hear the mother’s scream of pain? As Aung Sang Suu Kyi lies, staring blindly on. Do you hear the whimpers of the dying child? As … Continue reading

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We grieve- use words not bombs

Once more we grieve because some  maniac has killed and maimed good folk gathered in Boston for the Marathon.  A small boy who went to see his daddy is amoungst the dead – how tragic is that.  Who ever did this awful … Continue reading

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