Liberalism – the new thought police.

Facial recognition, boys in skirts, men in the ladies room, – who cares?

It seems that there is a hullaballoo about Facial Recognition and the intrusion on personal privacy.

 I consider this to in the same category of ridicule as single sex school wear, a lot of ‘transgenderism’ i.e. male trans being in women’s prisons etc.., indeed the excesses of modern liberalism that are doing no end of harm to traditional and sound ethical values. 

In the same why the retrospective view of history is irresponsibly abused and judged on contemporary values.  For example, it is true that Cecil Rhodes was a coloniser and no doubt disrespected persons and things we would find abhorrent today. Nevertheless the man was a great venturer and explorer who changed the world of Africa. Rhodes was a racist who believed the Anglo-Saxon race was superior, but he also had great vision, was a talented entrepreneur, and a substantial philanthropist. He also did great work establishing voting franchise for all Southern Africans whatever their colour or status.

Well the balance sheet of Cecil Rhodes is certainly isn’t all good and certainly not all evil. Indeed in some respects he epitomises the spirit of Imperial Britain. Colonisation had many bad points but some good ones too, looking back we can be ashamed of European colonisation, but there are too, things to be treasured.

The Catholic Church has perhaps the widest record of corruption and cruelty from the early Popes to the Spanish Inquisition and beyond.  These offences against humanity during the Spanish and South American inquisitions was cruel and heartless beyond measure, we can only assume the officers of the church at the time thought their efforts to be in support of Catholic divinity.

The Church Catholic or other has done many good things including the principle foundation of Christian democracies.

In summary, in both these examples man and institutions behaved as was fitting in their day and age.  Our view now, which we hope is more enlightened, is very different, but the good that men have done lives after them, and those good consequences should not be written off because of the ignorance of the evolving human race.

Today we live in a technologically advanced society, that whilst more comfortable, has more inherent dangers.  The use of technology is inescapable for good or evil, and the use of identity and facial recognition techniques seem inevitable for the prevention of evil deeds.  For the life of me I cannot see how we can deny these innovations as long as relevant safe guards on privacy are in place.

Liberalism though has charged on, disregarding evolved behaviour and challenging what have to date been accepted facts.  I.e. The human race is made up of males and females, and that these genders engage and prolong and improve the human race.

Of course there are those who feel and are by nature outside the essential majority and they should be respected.  They have the right to self-identify their sexual persona.  No arguments here.  The issue becomes sensitive when the great liberal and vocal minority insist that everyone should be exposed to the options of sexual identity and behaviour.  Whilst one understands the danger of suppression of behaviour as dangerous and unfair, one also recognises that educational and family influence should primarily advocate the norm of the majority. 

When, under the guise of liberalism, this vocal minority shout down the opinions of parents, peace keepers, those who keep us safe, it becomes irksome and intolerant of what is the norm.  Whilst suppression of things natural is wrong, so is the hectoring in support of the unorthodox.


Israel Folau – free speech?

Israel Folau has been fired by the Australian RFC for making his thoughts known about homosexuality. Firstly this is very bad news for the Australian team preparing for the upcoming IRU World Cup. That aside, the issue here is not what Folau said but what Folau is allowed to say as a citizen of the free world.

I understand he made a comment that folk who conduct themselves in a way that is prescribed in his religion will go to hell, where ever that is? I am not knowingly a member or of a behaviour type to receive Mr Folau’s wrath, nor can I remember the full list of those condemned to hell. Nor am I concerned.

What does concern me is that this excellent athlete has stated his religious views and everyone is free to agree with or disagree with him. Personally I disagree, but I absolutely believe he has the right to express his religious views if they do not incite hatred or encourage malevolence.

Going to hell, seems not the most desirable place to end up, but hey, you believe what you believe. The statement does not imply any other imposition of punishment of any form on this earth – so what is the problem? The statement he made says much about Israel Folau, he is a religious man who lives by strictly defined values. He may be at at odds with some of us, but surely that is not only acceptable, it has to be his right to express himself.

I hope the Australian Rugby Football Union relent and practice what they preach which is an inclusive organisation, both for ideas, free speech as well and sexuality.