The Virus v Liberty.

The Virus versus liberty

The people of the USA are flouting ‘stay at home’ measures in their thousands in Ohio, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Washington State, and Texas. Some amongst them have carried rifles!  They have ben egged on by the man who bet on two horses in a two horse race and lost.  Trump that!

There is clearly a conflict between advice from the State and the feelings of the man in the street, the economic cost of the pandemic is hitting hard in areas where the virus has not yet taken deep root.

Most non-Americans are troubled by the meandering mixed insensible and insensitive messages from the American leader, who shamelessly is using the pandemic as a re-election platform. We mustn’t sneer at the leading democracy in the world, the leader indeed of the free world as we have known it. That Trump is rambling, as some see it, whilst his supporters see a man of their ilk, speaking as he sees it.

In some ways, if the pandemic is not exacerbated by these crowded demonstrations, then the liberty lobby will shout “I told you so.”  If however the number of virus victims grows, then there will be nowhere to hide. 

The Democratic candidate sadly is practically invisible, since the POTUS is using his free briefing broadcast time to unashamedly campaign, there is no way Biden has a chance.

The flagrant misuse of airtime, the incoherent blather of a brutally ambitious individual risks the fall of the key values of the United States of America. 

Not only is this pandemic ruining the world economy, it is also facilitating the collapse of democracy as we know it.  With a twice elected clown, the future of world trade and economic balance will be in enormous jeopardy. The former leadership of the free world will morph into yet another totalitarian state, where people like Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro rule the formerly free  world.


The world goes marching on – to disaster on many fronts.

The POTUS is leading the free world into conflict with the eastern powers of China, North Korea, and by proxy to Russia, he is creating tension and alliances that are clearly against the free world’s interests. It is clear that, through his wretched idea of diplomacy he has inadvertently cemented North Korea and China’s relationship. He has created real tension in the middle east by abandoning the Iranian nuclear deal. Trump appears to have lost (if he ever had it) any idea of long term strategy and tweets his way to almost certain downturn in the world economy, a rapid deterioration of our climate and environment. For good measure he has exacerbated the ire of South America and the mass migration of the have-nots of this world. As he launches his new presidential campaign his followers could not care lass about any of the above and will sleep walk into a myriad of disasters if Trump gets a second term. And that’s just the Trumpian aspect.

The UK is about to vote in a clown as prime minister and who knows what chaos that will lead to. How the British, who consider themselves to be the founders of modern liberal democracy, can elect such a proven self-centred clown only reinforces what appalling depths of political shambles the UK has sunk to. David Cameron has a lot to answer for.

Where are we all going? Mass migration, environmental decay, climate warming, trade wars, racial intolerance and authoritarian rule. The new Gulags of China, the steel wall of America and the religious turmoil of the Middle East especially the suffering in Yemen. All symptoms of man’s intolerance of his fellow man. What the world does not need now is people like Trump, Putin, Xi, Kim Jong-Un, Erdogan. There are several other eccentrics in charge of much of the wold. Another clown will not improve the mix.