The Downing Street Flat – Who cares? – Ask Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe!

The common herd, which excludes the Bullingdon Boys and their like, apparently don’t give a toss about Boris’ complete disregard for rules whether he tells lies or bends the system. After all he’s full of charm, wit, and comic bluster. Those qualities are apparently just what we need in a Prime Minister.

Not a week ago, David Cameron was in the spotlight for his dishonesty in using his position as an ex-PM to influence his former buddies. (Not breaking the rules mind you!) The stories go on and on, whether its track and trace or Healthcare supplies. As far as Boris is concerned, no one cares as long as his Government achieves their goals which includes lining the pockets of their chums.

We can all understand Boris’s thinking, I can do what I like as First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister, or even as Foreign Minister when his unprepared gaff, committed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to more years of savage imprisonment. The Tory party didn’t give a damn they voted him in to lead and everyone then were so pleased he got a thumping majority.

What does it tell us about ourselves as a democracy? Well, firstly poor old Mrs. May was hopeless, secondly we wanted out of the EU, and thirdly Bonhomie counts more than substance.

Well, we had better wake up or Boris and Cameron and their like will soon be running an autocracy where honesty doesn’t matter a jot. I am a life long Tory who believes in conserving what is good and improving where we need to, but enough is enough. Get rid of Boris or lose my vote.


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