Rules, are for crooks, whilst honesty and integrity should be the rule.

Sleaze seems to be the order of the day for those in Government, be it contracts for chums or decorating your flat at someone else’s expense. Cameron and Johnson are cut from the same cloth. A cut they believe is above the common man.

Does it matter that the PPE and track and trace were corrupted by contracts for chums, the tendency is to forget it because at the time of emergency speed was of the essence and desperation was the order of the day.

Was it Ok for Cameron to use his influence even if he was turned down. By the way he didn’t brake any rules, so that’s OK then.

No, No, No none of this is OK. If these men in power do not treat the system as if they were one of “us” then it will not do. Privilege has to be a matter of integrity, not a matter of what the half baked rules say. I know it, they know it. They also know they will get away with it because their privileged status is beyond the law.

The British common law that is the staff and stuff of the United Kingdom.

Rules are cast to protect the weak, and they are there to denominate the lines over which the least of us should not transgress. Shame then on Cameron who claims to have broken no rules when in fact he has behaved disgustingly trying to pickpocket those in need.

This plain enough. Enough is enough.


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