Truth to tell!

The unhinged fantasy driven QAnon associates, are spreading through America in the aftermath of the bedlam left by the shortly to be ‘ex-President Trump’. Had Trump come to a second term, the QAnon cult and many others like it, would have swamped not only America but the whole of Western democracy.

There remain many tens of thousands of believers of this trash all over the globe, and for some of us, the greatest mystery is, how can anyone believe such outlandish drivel? I won’t grace the cult by repeating some of their wild illusions which they spread as truth, when it is anything but. It seems, the more outlandish the stories, the more likely are their followers to believe them and to spread them, all the while gathering more disciples. Why, is this?

Whilst Facebook and Twitter have banned much of the right wing inciting rhetoric, there remain several sites like Breitbart and The Epoch Times that continue to feed the illusion of evil and conspiracy amongst the world’s more liberal leaders, whoever they may be. Their wild brand of populism is seeding right wing extremism.

Perhaps, now that Trump has been seen to be defeated, it may be that the fantasists who were promised that Trumpism would conquer the world, may begin to realise the Trump and the mob that invaded the Capitol will not succeed, it was all a sad and desperate illusion.

Who are the people who are QAnon followers? It seems they are legions from many backgrounds, the thing they have in common; the want a target they can aim at, and the illusion that they can do something about it. There are millions in QAnon’s thrall, They are not only in the USA but in UK too.

Extreme populism has been given a voice in the UK with rash promises, and wild assurances about impossible futures. Such madness will make it harder for the conspiracists to come back to reality. Let us pray they, the conspiracy movement/cult, remains in the minority.


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