The Truth, the basis of Freedom.

The goings on in America have shaken to the core the great majority of people, not only in the US, but also all supporters of democracy where ever they may be. America despite all its faults was always a beacon of hope because the word FREEDOM was almost synonymous with The USA. Not any more!

For some, the rise of Donald Trump has been a great mystery, to many he is obviously a vulgar, liar who disrespects anyone of colour, and anyone of the female gender. He is brash and tells lies as if they were the truth. He knows that celebrity can be believed whatever it utters, even if it is completely untrue. Yet he rose to the top of the most powerful nation on earth by promulgating obvious lies.

Former leadership of the USA has always shown respect to the US constitution, has always stayed true to the ideals of truth and understanding, even though the political philosophies have differed. When Nixon lied he was properly persuaded to stand down from office. Yet when Trump lied and lied again, the establishment appeared to allow dishonesty to become the way of American life. This dishonest vulgar man has been allowed to roam the world doing untold harm to democracy and indeed to the planet we live on.

What is it then, that convinces ‘ordinary’ people to absorb untruths from celebrities, knowing these utterances to be untrue. Is it transference of need, I am poor, there fore I believe the rich because they are more successful than me? Will I become rich if I too lie, is lying a legitimate way to make my way in the world? It seems so!

Now that Trump has been exposed as the liar and cheat that he is, will the mass of Americans who supported this fool have the sense and courage to deny their foolishness and return to what truth is about? All this stupid mantra about making great again whilst making America the laughing stock of the world must be hard to take. It will need courage and honesty and patience for the truth to return to America as the foundation of its democracy. Mitch McConnell and his republican colleagues have to play a constructive part in turning America round.

We all know that the schism of Freedom versus Socialism scares Americans half to death, but purity in either philosophy is worthless if it is riddled with lies and untruths. I believe in FREEDOM, I believe that the USA is too fine a nation to lapse once more into an era of vulgar untruths.


One thought on “The Truth, the basis of Freedom.

  1. Your reflections on this week’s events in the USA are as always, a pleasure to read.  What has not been so enjoyable is the overblown noise from the Brits who as usual look down on the rest of the world as though we have always got it right and behaved impeccably.  The noise about Trump’s flagrant disregard for constitutional democracy, that he is a liar and abuses the power of his office, is accompanied by the outrage of the UK’s  BLM supporters who scream about the disparity between the way BLM protesters were treated by Washington Police compared to the predominantly white Trump supporters. Yet is it so far in our own history when men campaigning to keep their jobs, their homes and their communities at places like Orgreave were trampled by mounted Police who rode past and over them while waving £20 notes from their overtime pay?  Compare that with the  restrained response to the hunting protesters (where only the peasants got a clubbing while the Barbour Brigade were asked to “Move along there sir, if you don’t mind?” Is it so far back when BoJo prorogued Parliament having lied to the Monarch, to circumvent legislative scrutiny and who in a fit of Trumpesque rage threatened to get rid of the Supreme Court. We are no better than USA in manipulating the constitution powers, of lying to the people and parliament, of treating people not of different colour but often simply of different class or wealth to a “damn good thrashing, and no more than they deserve”. Where we are the world’s best is in rank hypocracy! JP 25 Afon GardensPonthirNEWPORTNP18 1PR H:  01 633 431 336M:  07 850 722 257


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