Boris the Bonkers! Shame on us all.

It is unbelievable that Boris Johnson has defied parliamentary standards and appointed Cruddas to be a Lord. That Boris is just emerging with some credibility with an exit agreement from Brussels he shoots himself firmly in the foot. He is resurrecting the aspects of corruption which already surround his Government over both PPE and Track and Trace. How stupid or arrogant can a man get?

Whatever your politics please remember this man has some virtue, but whatever that is? It has been well and truly swamped by his arrogance, vanity and sheer lack of empathy for what followers he still has. Be you Tory Liberal or Labour do not forget this ghastly arrogant idiot, and if he still leads any party vote against it.

Shame on him, and he brings shame on us all if we tolerate this level of corruption.


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