The Perfect Storm.

Boris Johnson and his government have been lampooned by all and sundry including me, however, I have to say whoever is in power they have the roughest of rides. Whilst Brexit is a very emotive subject and its consequences unknown in the longer term, we are braced for a shock. That would be bad enough politically in the short term.

Add to that the pandemic, plus the UK’s latest variant virus, plus Christmas and all the torn up plans, plus the floods about to beset us, plus Marcus Rashford’s heroic efforts for poor kids, plus the changes to work practises and town centres, unemployment, the NHS overwhelmed and other disasters – I could go on and on.

Pick the bones out of that lot, and we can all agree that the problems facing the UK Government are enormous. Much of the cause is directly the result of the pandemic, beyond the scope or imagination of anyone in Government. The only true prophesy came from Bill Gates and no one trusts a truly well meaning wise billionaire. Do they?

What is true is that Boris and his collective cabinet have made some ghastly errors of judgement, most horribly the panic and corruption surrounding the supply of PPE and the track and trace train crash. Despite that the NHS has struggled manfully against this plague. Boris’s populist tendencies not to issue disciplined directives to the irresponsible has cost the UK dear. We are now the health Pariah of the World.

Leadership has been in short supply, Boris’ bumbling encourages few whilst his team have few champions to inspire.

Despite these sad and desperate situation we have no alternative but to stick together behind our elected Government and try to make the best of a miserable hand. For once few cry, ‘I could do better!’ Many shout ‘What a shambles!’ Yes, indeed, it is a shambles but its the only game in town, so buckle down and do your bit. It is the only way forward, responsibly together.


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