After the Virus – A new world.

When and if the corona virus is conquered or brought under control the world will be a different place. In the west our high streets and cities will be changed and radically so. Human resources management particularly for ‘Knowledge workers’ will be changed for ever as the remote worker becomes the norm.

Hopefully the awareness of our environmental needs will be harmonised and new business opportunities to add to the green machine will abound.Every business will have to be a green business with new regulations and the participants to enforce them. A new green collar class will soon be as common as blue or white collar ones.

The use of electronic communication systems like Zoom will become common place and octogenarians and children will soon be equally comfortable with today’s gizmos and tomorrow’s necessities.

The snag is that those countries who are now technologically advanced may well move ahead much faster than those not so prescient. Educational needs will have to keep in step with these huge changes and those centres of so called blue collar workers will have to transcend their traditions and change, or be excluded from the new post-Convid age,

Whist Governments struggle with re-financing and enormous debt, there will be great challenges of high unemployment and civil distrust. Change is coming and coming fast. Those who embrace change will prosper those who demure will find it gut wrenchingly difficult.

Looking forward to these cataclysmic changes is beyond most Yet whether in Government or in industry an innovative spirit is now a necessity not a choice.


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