British democracy on the ropes.

Cronyism and incompetence characterise the Government of Boris Johnson. This egomaniac believes that with a massive parliamentary majority he can do what he likes. The recent shambolic handling of the procurement program, the track and trace operation and the vaccine issues have all been mishandled and managed without regard for the general good. These issues have however profited a few of Boris’ chums and the occasional lucky Spanish entrepreneur. All utterly irresponsible actions of an out of control executive.

The mantra that all public servants are useless, is wrong and always has been wrong. True, civil servants of all hues need to be aware and responsible for their work and output. True much is wrong with many parts of our very complex public service sectors, but nonetheless they are amongst the best, and the most conscientious in the world and should be respected as such, Look at the NHS. Lots wrong with it, for sure, but what a fantastic organisation it is.

The time has come when the UK needs to restore the balance between the extremes of left and right. Corbyn or Johnson! What a choice! The UK has lost its way, Boris is blowing money we don’t have on strengthening our defence forces and at the same time lessening our overseas aid. Big boys toys instead of mature soft power.

As an ex-Tory, I have to confess the time for proportional representation has come. UK is not exclusively a free enterprise, it is, and will hopefully remain, a liberal democracy and the example of balanced democracy to the world.


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