Old Boy Network alive, well, and bent in UK.

It is nice to see that nothing really changes. A bumbling Boris handing out massive perks to his old school chums and their spouses. Both the vaccine management program and the track and trace are being woefully mismanaged by these cosy mates of the PM.

That they have both squandered millions of pounds on Consultants, both Bingham and Harding are showing either that they have no faith in the civil service or they din’t give a damn and passing the buck to anonymous and very expensive consultants.

The whole thing rings of corruption and self serving amongst Boris and his old school or MP chums. He bumbles at press conferences about what a splendid job these surrogates have done when it is plainly untrue.

We sneer at Trump as an inveterate liar, when our own Prime Minister is of similar ilk. He rose to power in a vacuum left by May and Corbyn, he has a weak cabinet and has been chastised by the highest court in the land and is now breaking international law. The man is proving to be a liability or should I say a liarbility?

I only hope the new MP’s from the north bring Boris to heel and remind him he is there to serve the country not just his old school chums. Soon I trust that he will be removed, and kicked upstairs to the Lords, where he can join a cabal of crooks many of whom use the chamber as an expense account. He will find himself very much at home.


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