Smash a window – a vote for Trump

The anger at police brutality is entirely understandable. The consequent demonstrations are against institutional racism in a so called democratic state, the USA.

It is easy to understand the anger of the institutionally deprived and abused, but the break down in law and order is benefitting the Trump election message. In all this confusion, and it is confusion, the American electorate are dividing into sub-groups with varying goals emphasising differences not common beliefs. This is definitely in Trump’s favour.

Smash and grab opportunism powered by frustration and years of deprivation is driving a wedge between the haves and have nots. We must be clear, many wealthy liberals will support the cause of anti racism, that is, till someone throws a brick through their window.

The response to personal loss is always defensive. “Who did that? It’s unreasonable, I want protection, I want law and order, I will vote for Trump!”

Despite the great majority of peaceful protestors, the lunatic fringe, are stealing the show and taking away the focus from institutional racism to ‘law and order’. How you get this message over, I have no idea. If you do, please do it.


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