Growing old – Gracefully 2

Physical Wellbeing.

Growing old they say is not for sissies.  If ever there was a truism, this is it.  We all have to face some deterioration of our physical being with age.  None of us, however are the same.  Some of us are fitter than others, some have ailments varying from tiresome to life limiting.

Our prospects might vary from; I will almost certainly pass in the next three days to, if I am lucky and positive, I can live another ten or many more happy years. The key here is, it doesn’t matter how much time we have. It is making the best of it that counts.

I am not being naïve here, I recognise that closing a life with as much comfort as possible is always valid as is extending and a fulfilling one.  Whatever our situation keeping ‘Nothing, boredom and loneliness’ at bay is what will underpin a fulfilling life, however long or short.

For the purposes of these blogs, I will gently, (as I can) point to those of us who are aware of our age but unsure how to live it.

Making the best of our physical attributes is absolutely key, and of course the variation in capability varies hugely from one to another. Nevertheless, there are things we can all do if we want to enough. Wanting to stretch, to stand, to walk, to jog, to exercise within our limits, yet doing enough to make the best of what we’ve got, is not as simple as it seems.  Firstly the enthusiasm to start is elusive.  It is much easier to say to oneself, I’ll do it tomorrow, and tomorrow almost never comes!

There are more excuses not to do anything, our inventive minds know few bounds.  There can always be a reason why NOT to do something.

We have to believe that if I want to live then I must be as fit and active as I can. This might mean anything; from sitting up, standing tall, riding a bike or taking a walk.  Whatever it is, we must have the get up and go to start.

We all have within us a starter button, it’s called enthusiasm. Appropriately from the Greek ‘the God within’.  Finding the starter button is the problem, how do we generate the enthusiasm to change our behaviour, to break a very entrenched mould?

This is the start, you can do it.  Do it, do it now!


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