Growing Old – Gracefully.

One of the great issues with growing old is the inevitable physical deterioration. Of course this can sometimes be mitigated to various degrees.  In the event of progressive and inevitable slowing down of our physical capability, ‘Nothing’ remains the main cause of physical deterioration, depression and associated anxiety. Clearly it is a fact that you cannot run as fast at eighty as you could at eighteen, our mortal coil changes with age, and so it must. Nevertheless sustaining our life and making it worthwhile is what we all strive for, but frequently forget how.

There are several manifestations of ‘Nothing’ getting the upper hand.  In our age of instant gratification the temptation to delegate your mind to the mindless is almost infinite. For example watching TV is perfectly OK as long as it doesn’t turn out to be an excuse to do ‘Nothing’.  Watching TV or listening to the radio are often described as ‘company’ for the lonely, and indeed at can be seen as such, however, passive listening or watching without purpose simply closes down the active mind.

I don’t mean following a dramatic series or soap, listening to a concert of your favourite band or a sports event such as golf or cricket.  I mean just watching anything to combat boredom.  Boredom and ‘Nothing’ are close friends. They are an evil pair that stalk us twenty four hours a day. The third member of the killing trio is loneliness.  Loneliness is the scourge of our modern society, it destroys self-esteem, closes our minds, and envelopes us in ‘Nothing’.  By loneliness we do not mean those who seek a solitary existence, loneliness is quite different, it is mean and destructive, it feeds on boredom and ‘Nothing’.

The following sections in this series will give you some insights into how to avoid ‘Nothing’. Believe me, ‘Nothing’ is a killer.  It is the fact of the matter, that escaping nothing prolongs life.  Having objectives, targets, ideas, ideals, and affection are all life enhancing.  They are all within us all if we reach down within ourselves to live a fuller and more enjoyable life.

Please let me know of your ideas to brighten the lives of those who are mature.  How we can as individuals and as a society enhance and improve our own lives and the lives of others.


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