Look again, its beautiful!

I was reminded this morning that today is the start of South East Asia awareness month, in the context of BLM this is a timely page turner. The breadth of human kind is astonishingly wide, yet we tend to be enveloped in our own tribe. As I said in an earlier blog we tend to be afraid of strangers, and defend our own kind. Hence the birth of prejudice and racism.

If only we’d take a fresh look at all the beautiful people, no matter what their origin, how refreshing that would be. Some are so lucky because of a gifted life they have travelled widely and known many people from many tribal backgrounds. For these lucky few it is easy to see the wonders of difference. Where there is no threat, there is almost always generosity, where there is need there is kindness.

In our crowded cities, the only thing that stands out is the differences; of rich and poor, of racial grouping, and religious observance. Yet, if we look for common good, there it is under our noses. If only we would engage, if only we would smile, if only we would look and see what beauty there is every face.

Look again my friends, and see our glorious world.


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