Don’t pre-judge my prejudices.

Yes we all have them, prejudices. Racism is probably the most naturally occurring prejudices of all. We are all born into tribes, and belong intrinsically to that tribal group. We are brought up to respect our own as a primary behavioural response. We are in nature defensive to people from other tribes.

The more different the tribe the more defensive we become. The marks of difference are many and various, including but not exclusively, relative wealth, language, education, colour, religion, physique and many others.

Tribes have been fighting and murdering each other since time immemorial, as they do today in the Middle East, on the Chinese India border, and in the ghettoes of our huge cities.

There are ideological prejudices between democrat and totalitarian, between socialist and republican, and between rulers and the ruled, the exploited and the exploiters.

We all would do well to categorise our prejudices, to look inward and see ourselves as we really are. A collection of prejudices, not many of which paint us in a favourable light. If we take any one and encapsulate that in one anti-prejudicial catch all: Change!

We will improve ourselves, our tribe and our world.


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