Violent protesters are voting for the status quo.

                                       We can see the USA turning the knife in its own gut.  The terrible and indefensible killing of George Floyd has let loose an understandable rage which itself has led to indefensible abuse from protesters and Police alike.

Firstly I have to admit that I think police brutality especially against Black Americans is common place and in all cases inexcusable. Whilst not all police in the USA are guilty of excessive violence, too many are.

Of course law enforcement is in the shadow of zero gun control, a fact that must make law enforcement at least most hazardous.  Nevertheless the culture of brutality that exists widely in the USA is an inescapable fact.  Not all policemen by any means are physically brutal or colour prejudiced, but many are.  This is self-evident.

I fear that the riotous behaviour of many of the protestors will influence the upcoming election in favour of the incumbent. (Hard to believe – I know.)  However history teaches us that non-violent protest swings opinion to the Democrats and vice versa. It is also a fact that violent protests, looting and destruction attract the most news worthy headlines.  Add these two things together and all Trump has to do is keep schstum, and the election will be his.

If America is to see positive change toward a less racist more harmonious society, it must embrace the idea of passive protest.  There is a need for leadership akin to Mahatma Ghandi and Luther King. Do I see such a leader or group of leaders emerging?  Sadly I do not.

So, the violent protesters and looters are allowing Trump to fiddle, while America continues to burn.


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