The Cummings and goings of Boris Johnson.

There was a time I was prepared to support Boris, yes, I knew he was a bit of a bounder, he lacked the command of detail but at least I thought he had a modicum of integrity.  Indeed I was encouraged when he seemed to take the brakes off austerity and pledge to support the newly converted labour supporters of the Northern ‘red wall’.

After a bumbling start we have been overwhelmed with the Corvid-19 virus and it has been obvious from the outset that the PM has no grasp of detail at all. He might have got away with that had he delegated to his Cabinet colleagues, (not all the sharpest tacks in the box), but no, Boris has become an introverted shambles who relies on a small coterie of advisers none of whom were elected.

One of the great lessons of leadership is you can make mistakes but you cannot forfeit trust.  Boris has scored a splendid hat-trick. He has mistrusted his technical (scientific advisors) he has not been decisive at all, he has bumbled and wasted time showing that he’s not so clever (one of his perceived electoral  advantages), and now he has allowed Cummings to break his own advice and thus forfeit the trust of the whole community.  He has proved to be one of the worst and inconsistent leaders of my lifetime.

It beggars belief that he has let slip the great good will with which he entered Downing Street.  Yes, of course, the pandemic is exceedingly difficult to manage, but nonetheless British democracy is based on an elected representative parliamentary democracy.  Boris has undermined this in very short order.

Why are these special advisers like Cummings allowed to dictate Government policy and then allowed to flout it?  I see no other reason than weak untrustworthy leadership. I do not like, one bit, the combination of Trump-like judgement and Xi like dictatorship in our British way of life.


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