The Sea

It rolls and whispers, breaks and roars, slides and slips along the shore

Seemingly an eternal rock and roll, that calls, lures, seducing time.

Colours are conjured, from sweet invitations to threatening deeps

From peace to rancour of the hurricane, from horsemen’s fleece

To placid pond of safe haven, to splash and feel the lively sea.

Beware, this constant beauty monstrous sometimes is

And tears away the peace and sweetness of your day

It swallows up and regurgitates our rubbish and our lives.

The surrounding sea, unseen and seen uncared for like the gutter

Unseen and seen, we throw our shit and waste, a zillion plastic things

 Expecting to wash away our sins of consumption to Neverland

The sea is not Neverland, this sea lives and loves and gives and takes,

The sea’s best friend the wind, that blows the good and bad, but giving life to all.

So as I sit, and watch and listen to my friend the sea, I wonder if we’ll stop murdering it, and listen to its song. 


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