Challenges and Choices.

Starting up economies will not be easy.

All the countries that have suffered heavily from Corvid 19 have engaged in shut downs of various severities.   The consequent collapse of all these economies has and is dire. The world has virtually stopped working, the question is, how do they get it working again?

Obviously there is the risk that if we open up the pandemic may well return with a vengeance. There are also huge problems of infrastructure and industry. Obviously it is no good opening a company if its supply chain is incomplete, i.e. If jack buys from Jill and makes an addition to sell on, it’s no good Jack opening if Jill is still shut down.

Then how will people get to work, when will the tube trains be safe to be full?

Do we know who has the virus? Do we know if a second wave may be more potent than the first?

These issues are simply expressed here, but Governments who rush to switch the economy on, are taking huge risks.  Those who hesitate will perhaps slip behind in the economic league.

These are huge challenges and choices.   Add to these enormous problems is the look to the future, what does this pandemic teach us?  Many things I think.

1 Viral pandemics are more likely to happen in the future due principally to mankind’s disrespect of the planet both animal and environment.

2 The greedy top economies will be slow to ease environmental stress, see Brazil,  USA,  China  et al.

3 Despite the carnage of this pandemic the big economies will focus on renewal and wealth creation rather than equipping themselves to defend and prepare for the next attack see 1 above.

4 I cannot close this blog without referring to the lunatic running the USA.  Cummon’ folks wake up! He has to go if the planet is to have a chance, No more of this guy!!!!!!


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