Beware the future, this virus is but the beginning.

The Corvid-19 virus has so far exposed great weaknesses in the western capitalist economies. Now that we have all been exposed to this shattering of existing ideas will we be able to fix the system?

If we don’t, and when the economic crisis deepens as it must, there will be deepening doubt about the fundamental beliefs of Western Liberalism.  It is essential that Western leaders not only defeat the virus, but respond to the imminent next crisis, that of climate change and the uninhabitable planet.

As we struggle with threats to life, to limits on liberty, and the immense issue of sustaining our planet, the coming economic crisis will weaken the ideas of liberalism in the global contest for ideas and ideals.

As we come out of the first stage of these multiple crisis it is imperative that governments sustain the fabric and cohesion of a rocked society. We cannot yet imagine the confusion and deprivation that is about to transform the global societies.

Unless there is a well- directed return to economic growth and distribution across a socially cohesive range, society may well turn away from the ideas of Western liberalism and toward the Chinese model that currently projects itself as the best at handling this health, economic and environmental melt down.


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