The good, the bad and the ugly.

One thing we are all learning is that whilst the pandemic is sweeping all before it, there have been so many wonderful people giving of themselves for the sake of others. In my last two blogs I sent the message, ‘yes, the world is full of errors, but at least you as an individual can help curtail the spread of this ghastly virus by doing the minimum, and follow guidelines’.

Amazingly, I have received a good deal of abuse. Most of it about the 95% of the world that has so far not been affected at this time (that we know of!) It seems to me that those who disagree with my plea, do so out of self-centred arrogance.

Enough of them. I am astonished by the number of health professionals and helpers at all levels who are not only putting themselves in harm’s way to help the majority, they are also balancing those sacrifices with those of their families and loved ones. This is an astonishing litany of goodness, a tide of positive generosity of spirit and selflessness.

Apart from the medics who have made the supreme sacrifice and there are many around the world, there are thousands who are making a contribution to the comfort and wellbeing of others. Imagine the shelf fillers in food outlets, entertainers on and off line, teachers, big donors, small helpers, cheerleaders of all sorts. It makes us proud to be human beings.

These are the folk we must look up to, to enjoin with if we can. We can clap in praise, we can smile and shout ‘thank you’, we can weep with others’ loss.  We are all part of the great human family – be thankful.

For those who do not want to join in the common good, we must reach out to them, encourage them to be part of the family.  Even if they don’t join in, don’t follow, you doing the right thing, however small it is, it matters.  Those who do not, it is their ignorant and sad choice.


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