All alone and blue!

All alone and blue!

The Corona Virus has set the world alight, and everything has changed, everything that is except the ignorance and stupidity of people like you and me.

All over the world people are wilfully breaking advice and putting their neighbours and their loved ones in harm’s way. This obviously witless behaviour comes from the idea that individuals are more important than the whole of society. I am a smart ass, who knows better than the expert, can do what I want, because I know better and I am exempt from good sense.

I can go to lock in Pubs,

 I can go to garden parties after all it’s in the fresh air,

 I can ask my neighbours in for a drink, no one will know.

I haven’t got any symptoms so I can do as I like.

I can go down the gym.

Governments’ advice vary, but by and large, it is after all just that, advice, it’s not the law; therefore; I can do what I like.

Despite this enormous body of stupidity, there is an army of givers, who risk their own lives every day in hospitals, care homes, and streets up and down the world. Despite their constant appeal to the ignorant and the stupid, they, the deaf, who will not hear, they continue to help the virus on its way to killing huge numbers of people worldwide.

In more liberal societies there is a great reluctance to limit civil liberty even in the face of this mass mortality.  It is easier in more totalitarian and disciplined societies to tell people what to do, and in most cases they will do it.

Self- Isolation for us all, is a crashing bore. Even those who read, or write or paint or make up stories, they all find it hard. Isolation strains the individuals’ spirit of generosity, it erodes love and patience in small and large family units. Yet, these demands on us all are as nothing when compared to losing a loved one.

It is not only the law enforcers’ job to ensure compliance with common sense, it is everybody’s.

As the virus rampages through Europe, America and the UK people will ask, “Was the leadership smart enough? Did they get it right?”  The Answer is yes and no, the real question is: did I and my family do all that we possibly could, to defeat this scourge, this appalling virus?

Tomorrow is a new start, if we’ve been stupid, there is no need to be stupid again.  Tomorrow is another day in the battle for our civilisation as we know it. Do your best, for yourself, your family and your fellow man.


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