I’m going to die, are you?

Are you going to die? I know I am. When is an issue we all think about.

Hello again, I’ve been off determined to finish my latest book, “Where the swallows fly” and I’m glad to say it’s done plus first edit. Now it’s up to the small number of agents to see if I can once more climb on to the traditional publishing ladder. Outside my little world things have become insane.

The Corvid 19 virus is sweeping the world and people are dying in their thousands. This is a tough deal for everyone, of course those whose lives end prematurely ended and their loved ones are the ones we think of first.  The rest of us, where ever we are, are certainly aware of the crisis and we’re all involved to a greater or lesser extent.

Whether a household or a Government, large or small, the challenges are enormous.  So large in fact that individuals and households and Governments find it hard to believe. Many people believe that they will escape the virus because they cannot imagine the consequences of catching it.  Others do not believe that they can be transmitters of the virus without having symptoms, even state governments believe, even to this day,(April Fool’s day) that freedom of movement or economics matter more that the risk of Corvid 19 deaths.

The Corvid 19 virus thrives because of human inadequacies in responding to it. You and me, we’re part of that inadequacy, as is our national government.  We’ve all made mistakes, and will continue to and as a consequence more people will die.  Sad but true.

Even the best experts in the world, argue about the best way to go to defeat this pandemic. Many governments have reacted in different ways to counter the spread of the virus.  All, I’m sure, have made decisions they regret in hindsight.  Nevertheless, mistakes have been made and will continue to be made by powers great and small.

You are one such power.  Think, imagine, and believe, this virus can kill. Kill you, and all who you love


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