Boris won by a street,of course he did!

In my blog ‘He says, she says, who cares?’  I foretold the election result almost precisely.  The Dominant and simple idea of ‘let’s get Brexit done’ won the day by a huge margin.

Now we have Johnson with a larger than expected (by most) majority, what can we expect?

Boris Johnson above all things wants to be loved.  He may be economical with the truth and a bit of a cad, but above all he wants to be loved. It’s in his nature, he adores the lime light, he enjoys being ‘jack the lad’, he enjoys a certain degree of notoriety and he certainly enjoys being Prime Minister.

At the heart of his egocentricity is I believe a quite unstructured being.  He will have very little grasp on detail and he will make thundering mistakes, who can forget Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.  Of all of Boris’s foul-ups this was surely his most shameful.  I find it very hard to forgive him for this.

However, this boisterous, intelligent buffoon has won his way to Number 10. We can only hope that his tenure in Office will show creativity, an emboldening of liberal conservatism, and a caring government.  Even if that comes to be, just so Boris can bask in the sunshine of history.

I cannot and will not forgive his arrogance and shear lack of responsibility for the Iranian debacle, and his abject failure to acknowledge his miserable failure.  This man single-handedly ruined, what prospects there were for the release from abject misery, for the Ratcliffe family. Shame be upon him until this is resolved.

Despite this stinging criticism, he’s what we’ve got as our PM.  Let us hope that he can deliver a kind and radical agenda that balances the need of a nation riven with doubt and inequality.

I hope our Scottish cousins don’t break up the union, and the Welsh show some enterprise rather than the persistent begging bowl culture.  As for Northern Ireland, let the people speak, the stalemate must not go on for ever.

So Boris has a pretty full in-tray and we haven’t bothered to mention the EU negotiations. Above all we need to see a generosity of spirit no matter what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune brings.

If Boris wants to be loved, he must earn our respect.


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