Give a bit to receive a bit – Voting for freebees!

Vote for me – give me a handout, but why not instead, do our bit?

This elections as usual is all about what we will get if we vote for any party.  What’s in it for us?

That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s always been.  How dull!

I just wonder what would happen if one of the major parties asked the question. “What can you do to help the country thrive?”

There are lots of answers, here are a few;

 Do Not go to the A & E in the local hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary, likewise don’t go to the local surgery for trivial issues.

Work eight hours a day as best you can, even if you spend it looking for a job.

Visit neighbours who need a little company.

Demanding less plastic.

Supporting the teachers in your children’s school.

Catch a bus instead of using the car.

Help with recycling more diligently.

Waste less; food, too many textiles, paper et al.

Volunteer if you have spare time.

Support local government.

Be fit it’s your responsibility for your body.

Support local business.

Listen to other points of view – be less tribal.

Be considerate to your neighbours and fellow road users.



If we all did these things the elections would be much more relevant.  Do your bit!


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