The Election Mix – which idea will win?

Here are some of the prevailing ideas that are held across the UK and there follows ways in which the groups may think and consequently vote. There are so many groups and so many motivations that the traditional tribal lines may well be scrambled. One thing is for sure, The electorate is more conscious of its choices than it has ever been.

I’m working class – I vote labour, I always have, I always will.

I’m a professional manager, I make a few bob – I vote Tory, always will.

I’m retired, I’m struggling a bit with health and lack of wealth – I vote Lib Dem, maybe I’ll change!

I’m an academic, I think we should stay in the EU – I’ll vote Lib Dem.

I’m a thinker – a plague on all their houses I won’t vote at all.

I’m a Scottish national and I want independence- I’ll vote SNP.

I speak Welsh, I’m a farmer – I’ll vote Plaid Cymru.

I’m on benefits, who will look after me best – I’ll vote labour.

I’m old, I want the good old days, – I’ll vote whoever guarantee Brexit.

I’m a student, who wasn’t a socialist at my age? – I’ll vote Labour or maybe Lib Dem.

There are so many profiles. But Brexit has driven a wedge through them all, which makes the upcoming election so unpredictable.  On the surface it seems most people are fed up with the whole political system and want to see the Brexit ‘thing’ come to an end.

The options and prevailing attitudes are, in no particular order:

 I don’t care, and I won’t vote for those wonks in Parliament, who don’t take any notice of what I say.

Let’s get on and vote for resolution respecting democratic choice, vote Tory or Brexit.

I want us to stay on the EU, I want another vote, I didn’t know what I was voting for last time.  I’m confused, I think I’ll vote Labour. But what about Corbyn, McDonald and Co.?

I definitely want to stay in the EU, but can I vote for the Lib Dems?  They never seem to make much of a difference.

I want to leave the EU, let’s vote for Boris, at least he seems to have a plan. The Tory elite are not covering themselves with glory, bunch of clowns, privileged toffs, liars and hypocrites – still, they have a plan

I want to leave the EU without a deal, a clean pair of heals, let’s go let’s vote for Nigel and his Brexit party. However he has no other politics or ideas. A waste of vote?

I want independence for Scotland (Wales) and we’ll stand on our own two feet in the EU.

I want to know who will look after me, that’s what counts, I can’t manage – does anybody care?

Add all these up and what do you get?

Who wins? Which dominant idea will prevail?. 

 Boris Johnson wants Brexit and Government,

Jeremy Corbyn wants Socialism/Marxism (Does he want Government?).

The apart from the Nationalists in Scotland it’s hard to see what will be an alternative dominant idea.

Negativity and no change seldom win arguments, even for the Lib Dems.


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