It ain’t half hot Mum!

These protesters are a pain aren’t they, going on about climate change. What a lark eh? How do they all get there in their thousands, by train or car? Not doin’ much for global warming or the carbon footprint – what ever that is?
These are some of the comments I’ve heard over the last weeks. They clearly illustrated that most of us have no idea what we are talking about. Most people think that if the world goes on a diet of low carbon it will be OK. Will it?
Global climate change is not like putting on weight that a short term diet can put right. Global climate change is something that is cumulative, that is to say, what we’ve done already is not going to be undone easily. That carbon burden is there and will only increase with alarming consequences very, very soon unless the human race gets its act together, and pretty damn quick at that.
There is no going back to where we were, so the massive weather changes we’ve seen over the last few years are going to become standard, typhoons and hurricanes, flooding and polar melts are now a permanent feature of our planet.

Do we care?

How obvious do these changes have to become before we get serious, how many famines, how many storms, how many forest fires before really get a grip on renewables and cut down on fossil fuels?

Clowns like President Trump have no interest in the future of our planet. Before we deride him though, we should take a hard look at ourselves. Yes, the time has come. It is here right now!

What can you and I do? Even small things help, turn down the gas, get a new boiler, drive a bit slower, think about your next car. Chivvy up the Government, maybe fly less, pay carbon tax (it’ll make you think) – do something, do it now


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