Erdogan and Trump complicit killers. Shame on us all!

The Presidents of Turkey and the USA are aiding one another in the ruthless ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish community in Northern Syria.  Yes, we understand that the Turkish/Kurdish relationship has for ever been strained and that real enmity exists between the two.  However mass murder should never be the answer.

We know that President Trump makes things up as he goes along.  The man is a simpleton, particularly when it comes to foreign affairs, but these decisions of his amount to signing the death warrants of many of the Kurdish people who were, till last week, his allies. Women and children and old folk will die from the horrors of a vicious onslaught from Erdogan’s forces as well as gallant Kurdish soldiers.

It is worth remembering, that it was these very soldiers who bore the brunt of the war against ISIL, the very people who took responsibility for the ISIL prisoners when we in the West refused to do so. We in UK and EU are by no means with clean hands.

We must not underestimate the complexity of the issues facing Syria and all its native components. However, The USA has until now been crucial in keeping the various factions in some sort of order. The many coalitions and allies are now breaking up, with Erdogan chancing his arm to sort ‘the Kurdish Problem’ with a free pass from President Trump to carry out this awful ethnic cleansing.

Yet again we are reminded of the consequences of lunatic populism, and stupidity at the highest levels.  Some, like Erdogan, are basically evil totalitarians in waiting.  Once more the liberal centre sits on its hands while children and their mothers die.  Shame on us all. �=z7R�7


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