The NIMBY’s, who are they?

Mass Migration and the NIMBY’s.  Who knows? Who cares?

Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria. (not an exhaustive list by any means)

What do these countries have in common? 

People don’t like living in these places because of war, persecution, brutality, starvation, disease and just plain old poverty. 

How many people are on the road, carrying all they can to escape their collective misery?  Maybe Seven Million or more.

Who cares?  Not many.

What to do?  No idea. Keep them out of here, that’s the common view though not loudly expressed.

Where do they want to go?  To better places, – are you stupid?  Where is that?  Anywhere better than where they come from.  No matter how hard the journey, no matter how high the risk, no matter what the cost. Families separate, mums and dads die in the attempt, children too, drowned or starved or frozen. They seek the richer countries, where there is peace, a semblance of law and order, where there is food, education for the kids, where there is shelter, healthcare, jobs and tolerance and human kindness.

Not in my backyard though, because I live at the top of the wealth ladder, I have a roof, a garden, healthcare, education, law and order, orderly neighbours.  I don’t want a bunch of desperate immigrants in my street.  Seven million!  You must be joking.  Why, can’t they look after themselves? Venezuela is meant to be one of the richest oil countries in the world, for goodness sake why can’t they solve their own problems?

I know and so do you, but do we care?  We will give a coin to charity, but will we give anything more. Like a welcome to the desperate, or even a nod to those in need. hgse_toh�o�B�


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