The Government we deserve!

I’ve been away ten days watching from a distance the shenanigans going on in the UK. It would be amusing if it were not tragic.  The union is in great peril and the ‘Great’ in Great Britain is all but lost.

One of the most extraordinary profiles to arise is the paradoxically whimsy for self-government, which flies in the face of the idea of being a member state of the European Union. (Distant regulator, unelected Government vs Home Rule) Yet the Scottish Nationalist Party and Plaid Cymru both claim to want to remain in the EU.

The Welsh Assembly is conceivably the most useless instrument of government yet conceived elected as it was by the tiniest majority 20 years ago.  A majority I believe of around 6000 souls out of 29% of the electorate who bothered to turn out.  Since then the Assembly in Cardiff has grown like topsy and has become the world’s leading exponent of kicking the can down the road.

The Scottish Parliament is rather more full blown, but is still wary of making difficult choices about fiscal issues and consistently bang on about independence and the delights of being subservient to Brussels rather than London.

Westminster is clearly full of essentially do-gooders, who in most part are no more switched on than their constituents, once elected they believe they have a responsibility for the wealth and welfare of their constituents.  Unfortunately their constituents don’t see that.  MP’s are often seen as self-important bureaucrats who are essentially looking after themselves.

The political parties have shown themselves to be crumbling towers of Babel where no one understands the electorate or what drives their constituents.  The constituents, or voters, are for the most part entirely ignorant of matters economic and political and who were given a referendum choice which no one understood then and no one understands now.

Our two/three party system which is entirely class based, ‘workers’ often ‘out of work, workers’ used to vote labour, and those with a few bob used to vote Tory, those who thought they knew better voted Liberal.  All their supporters were self-centred, and in the most part knew nothing of geo-politics, economics or indeed about anything outside their narrow sphere.  So we evolved to this shambles.

Enter Boris Johnson, egocentric clown, character and comedian.  Prime Minister?  Well maybe, a clown is what we’ve got and that’s what we probably deserve. Is”


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