Secrets and good old fashioned treason!

Whoever leaked the memos from the British Ambassador to Washington has undoubtedly committed treason. It is not as if what the memo said was anything of a surprise, it is just that whoever did this, did it for mischievous purpose to the detriment of the United Kingdom.

The mischief though did flush out for all to see, Boris Johnson’s self serving slipperiness. Do we honestly want this guy to become the Prime Minister?

Not only does Johnson make promises he knows he cannot keep, he has proved himself untrustworthy and contemptuous of ordinary people, e.g. Mrs. Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe, he has changed his mind or avoids key issues such as Heathrow expansion, and support for the diplomatic service. The man is a clown who speaks ancient Greek and makes poeple laugh. Since when have these qualities been considered necessary to lead the UK.

The leaked documents drew attention to the chaotic and maverick leadership in the White House, it seems the Tory faithful want the same sort of leadership in London.

Time and again Johnson blusters and cracks jokes, he exudes positivity, but can’t these Tories see that he has no plan! The man is a joker, but not a professional joker like the President of the Ukraine.

It seems likely that Parliament will bring Johnson to his knees, not because of mischief but because he has promised the impossible. Simply shouting; ‘Gung Ho!’, will not do. We have long argued that the British People have voted to leave the EU, many of them for no reason other than half informed prejudice, despite that, we are where we are and we must leave the EU. Paradoxically Johnson may be the man who makes this impossible.


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