Drip and Drop, seen in France.

During the very special remembrance service in France, I caught sight of Jeremy Corbyn and Mark Drakeford the drip and drop of British politics. The non decision makers of our time.

Neither is likely to transmogrify into a leader, nor are they likely to change their decision paralysis . Two men aspiring to be heads of government without a semblance of character between them.

Both are secure in their sinecures supported by ideologues of the far left, both smug in their non decisive twaddle about decisions that really matter. The far left are responsible for bringing these less than ideal leaders to their post, and in so doing are wrecking the future of labour as a left of centre effective opposition, or if you will effective potential government.

In the case of Corbyn he’s got himself into an almost impregnable position, Drakeford too, can expect to remain unchallenged in the Welsh Assembly. In the face of a collapsing Conservative regime it is distressing to see alternative government parties so hopelessly ineffective.

It is as if the British electorate has sleep walked into calamity. You might argue at least the conservative lot are competent but lacking in compassion, and though out of touch they maybe, but at least their drips and drops make the occasional splash!


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