There’s none so deaf as will not hear!

The UK public are fed up with their politicians so deliciously set up by David Cameron, who has slid away and made a few extra pounds on the comedy speaking circuit. Well done him, a real entrepreneur.

What we are left with is a shambles made worse by Mrs May who for all her steadfastness is not inspirational in any way. She neither alarms the EU negotiators nor leads Parliament. The wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Full marks for guts and determination but zero for inspiration, tactics, and leadership.

So hear we are with our old pal Nigel Farage riding to our rescue. Do I believe that? Maybe, its a slim and doubtful premise. However he has a point, and it is a point that most people understand.

The others prevaricate, obfuscate and generally hide behand their cowardly view of the unknown consequences of leaving the EU. They should never have allowed David Cameron to conduct a binary referendum in the first place. The smug parliamentarians assumed we were all like them, well it is clear that the majority are not. Next week’s elections will firmly stamp this view again. Will they listen?

I doubt it.


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